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SuN group members over the years

In experimental nuclear physics it is impossible to go far in any research project without the support of a strong group of collaborators. Here are the current and past members of the SuN group at MSU.

Current SuN group members (May 2020) - more info coming soon !!!

Mallory Smith, Staff Physicist, MSU


Andrea Richard, Research Associate

Hannah Berg, Graduate student

Caley Harris, Graduate student

Lauren Hicks, Graduate student

Jordan Owens-Fryar, Graduate student

Alicia Palmisano, Graduate student

Debra Richman, Graduate student
Artemis Tsantiri, Graduate student

Cade Dembski, Undergraduate student

Tuesday Cabang, Undergraduate Student

Ben Maves, Undergraduate student

Previous SuN group members (May 2020) - more info coming soon !!!


Stephanie Lyons, 2016-2019 - currently staff scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Mallory Smith, 2016-2019 - currently staff physicist at FRIB

Farheen Naqvi, 2013-2016 - currently staff scientist at MIT

Anna Simon, 2011-2013 - currently Associate Professor at the University of Notre Dame

Graduate Students

Alex Dombos, 2012-2018 - currently postdoc at the University of Notre Dame

Steve Quinn, 2010-2015 - currently staff at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Undergraduate Students


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